Sunday, August 10, 2014

Money Power: Why Do You Need Money?

-Mahaveer Sanglikar


Although many people have a negative attitude towards money making, without having money, we can’t live. Here are top ten reasons why you need money.

You have to pay it for your living. You have to pay for your rent, maintenance of your house, your food, your clothing, your telephone and internet bills and many many other things.

You need a big amount if there is an emergency, health problems, opportunities,

You need money for the uprising and education of your children.

You need money to enjoy your life, for entertainment, for traveling, to buy books, and for your interests and hobbies.

You need money to help others. If you have money you can donate it to needy, you can use it for community services.

You need money to save it, to invest it for your future life and future planning.

You need money because if you have money, people respect you. If you do not have money, then also people will respect you, but the latter type of respect is just casual.

You need money to spend it. If you spend money, others get benefited from your spending. Thus spending money is a noble cause.

If you earn money, you have to pay taxes. When you spend money, then also you pay tax. The taxes are used to run your country, state and city. Thus by earning money you help your nation and people to grow.

If you do not have money, you have to beg and borrow.

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