Monday, August 4, 2014

Think Often About Money

-Mahaveer Sanglikar


If you really want to have a constant money flow, you should often think about money. Remember that you get what you want and what you think. If money is not in your mind, it will not come to you.

Think how you can get new customers and clients to buy your products and services.

Think about how you can increase your sell.

Think about how you can advertise your products and services.

Think about new opportunities.

Moreover, you should not think about the things which waste your time and money. If most of your time is passing in thinking and speaking about politics, movies, parties, sports etc., you are closing your doors to incoming money. I do not say that you should not think about such things at all, but be sure that you are not wasting your time in such things. Do not get addicted to such things.

Even when you are introduced to a new person, think how he/she can be helpful to you in increasing your business, and also how you can be helpful for him or her. Always exchange your business cards when you meet a new person.

Once you start to think about money, you will start attract money towards you.

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